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Lumps and bumps? Smooth transition? How has this term been for our acolytes and Companions?

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try this one, Grail:

Grail Arnica said:

This has been a purely joyful experience thus far, and I thank my Guild sisters, brothers, and particularly my jiejie Talya and gege Beeflin for guiding me through rough spots so gently and wisely.


The one thing I cannot find on this site is a schedule of classes. Can someone direct me?



This has been a wonderful experience, I've met new friends, learned more about myself and others, and enjoyed some of the best places created here in Second Life, and all this in the short time I've been here!  i can't wait to continue and to expore some of the UFS with my friend Gijs and learn more about the Firefly sims.  Arm in arm with some of my new friends, or wandering off and meeting others it will be an adventure.

A big hug to everyone, I can't wait to meet more people as we move into a new year.



Training as a companion has been wonderful! I had some vacation time a little while after I was accepted, and would spend all morning (I'm an early riser and live in the pacific time zone) bouncing with excitement and anticipation before class. At the end of the week, I was feeling a little sad, because I knew most of the classes would be held on weekdays during the hours I usually work. Then I discovered something ...

I'm still learning new things, just by being around all you awesome, beautiful, shiny people. :)

Askin' this question again to all acolytes and Companions... each term has a slightly different feel - how does this one feel for you?

Varahi x

This is the term when Zen and Joe both took the plunge into Guild teaching and immediately enjoyed it, and Kerm returned. So a good term for the male side. It is also a term in which I've been able to really work closely with people to make new developments - especially Bit who is really handy and a good friend to have. I feel the process of providing for Acolytes, at all houses not just at Spirit, has become slightly more engaged for me.
So far, I've been feeling a little disconnected. I've sorta been dealing with some RL thngs, and haven't been able to be in SL as much as I'd like.
Don't worry Ana. We're here for the long haul and will remember your Wo Men Dakai for a long time! Come in when you're free :-)

How and where do I get training?

There are three terms per year and we are currently in vacation. Summer Term begins with Fire Ceremonies on Saturday 27 May afternoon. All classes and other public events are shown on the Guild calendar at

Emma Florentino said:

How and where do I get training?

And in between classes, I would encourage you to apply for tea with as many Companions as possible, and ask lots and lots of questions! 

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