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There's a recent incompatibility been introduced between v2.6+ viewers and v1.23 viewers

Anyway, this came up on a forum on one of the viewers I use, when someone posted about looking ruthed to others but not to themselves:

Re: Appearing Ruth'd to others s21 (7)

Postby Kirstenlee » Sun May 08, 2011 6:13 pm

This is an issue with 1.23 viewers being not capable of parsing avatar appearance correctly.
LL have supplied a trivial patch to fix this, and I believe phoenix are implementing it asap.

As your probably aware LL are not going to be updating 1.23 and the patch has to be applied to any TPV clients that continue to use the old code.

Any viewer past 2.4 such as Firestorm, Catznip, Kirstens etc etc are fine.

Imprudence, phoenix or any un-modified 1.23 based clients will have difficulty.

LL have already stated in a meeting that they will no longer be maintaining any code whatsoever to do with the older viewers. :twisted:

So - that's possibly why my hair looks funny.



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Ruthed is (apparently) when the viewer decides it doesn't know what you're wearing and gives you default stuff. (Which is founder under 'ruth' in the library - I think). In this case, instead of putting my hair on top of a bald head it puts it on top of the ruth head, which has brown hair. As I'm a redhead, this looks like I'm wearing a mop.

I know of the following version-2 based viewers:
No RLV: Kirsten, SL viewer
RLV: Restrained Love Viewer, Firestorm preview, Dolphin, catznip (if it still exists)

FWIW, I dislike Dolphin, and like Kirsten.
Kirsten's does:
Not sure about any of the others.

Yes, Firestorm does. Firestorm Beta for Mac


Eglantine Broome said:

Are there any of those that run on a Mac?
firestorm beta 3 has the most awesome bug implementation issue I have ever seen (Beeflin please note). If you restart a sim when using a particular skin, then the sim goes dead until linden step in and do something.
Wow awesomely stupid! Thank you for letting me know!

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