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I was just posting this because the topic came up in a lesson on dance at the Guild School yesterday. Someone said they kept music turned off because it was dangerous. I'd heard something of the sort myself, and had noted that firestorm has the option to blacklist music.

So I did a little hunting round, and it appears that people can use your music stream to determine your IP address (i.e. your home computer), and find out about your avatar, and if you have multiple avatars, can tell they all belong to you (if you send them to the same place I suppose).

I'm not sure that'd work if you are connected through a big ISP because they do all sorts of magic and I beleive your IP address will change whenever you log on to their service, but if you're connected for a long time, it might be long enough.

That is my understanding, and it is probably wrong.

Here is a fortunately not very technical web page on how to enable media checking - for every 3rd party viewer but not for the LL viewer, which I guess didn't support it at the time of writing.

It includes some information on how to recognise unsafe media streams.

There was an enormous brouhaha about this about a year ago, along with something called Redone which appears to have been some sort of security system that did pretty much the same thing.



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Yes, music providers can log who connects to their music streams, and they can note if more than one person connects from the same IP address. So if you log in from the same Starbucks as another person, clearly you are that other person. Another person active in SL sci-fi roleplay and I live fairly near each other here in Los Angeles and had the same ISP. We were very tickled when a musician's manager, who was running that Redrum software (or whatever it was called), "realized" that we "were" the same person.

In other words, there's a lot of ways that trick can be hilariously wrong. And revealing anything you learn about another person thru Second Life is a violation of the Terms of Service and will get you banned.

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