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Babies old and new

It's been an eventful time since I last got to my diary.

Lysana is now Governor of Gama 3 - well, sort of; she's been elected, but not sworn in, but I imagine she's already got the work arriving in her intray and making faces at her - and I find it hard to resist the urge to curtsey to her every time I see her. I hope it doesn't do things to her. I don't exactly have fond memories of the last Companion who went into politics, though that was her choice, and this wasn't exactly…


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Election time is coming

So after the unexpected outbreak of peace on Al Raqis, there's going to be an election. For which I am duly overjoyed. Except.

Well, we had an open house this week, to let people lightly down from the holidays and really, and start looking forward to the Fire Ceremonies. I'd made sure Yumi, the new acolyte assigned to Lotus Dragon (yes, we have an acolyte now!) was aware and had sorted her diary.

Anyway, what I didn't expect was a visit from a local politician…


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A new year, a new sandstorm

So we managed to fit in another open house before the new term. Which was a bit of an eye opener.

Those sandstorms - I was sure they'd stopped, and I was really looking forward to being able to chat and breath at the same time. So we were all ready and Penny had turned up along with a nice looking though extremely heavily armoured man, who did at least take his gun. And ammunition. And something else which was probably…


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Stormy times

I thought the sandstorm which has been blowing over the Free Port had calmed down a bit. So the day after Grading Day, I thought we could hold another open house as a sort of celebration for all the aclytes and their hard work and their new gradings.

OK, it wasn't exactly high summer, but Lotus Dragon House is in the lee of a nice large hillock which seemed to help keep the worst of the storm of us - I mean seriously you do not want to go down the main - well, only - street…


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Ghosts from the past and ghosts from the future

That - was an extremely odd open house. I was running it by myself as Hella was away.

The first person to turn up was Lily, which - well, it's not that unusual. Lily has been known to turn up before, during or even after, but then Lily is like that. But from a distance I thought a huge insect was turning up. Not that I've anything against huge insects, but cuddlesome isn't the first word that comes to mind (except for bumble bees, obviously). But it was Lily wearing either 4 large…


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Legal Aid

So the open house the other night was fairly quiet. Until Lily turned up.

She was wearing a very nice black Chanel dress and matching hat, of which I admit to being sorely jealous. It is fortunate that Lily is very definitely not a cat though, because it would have looked very odd on a cat. A cat with white fur for instance. But then, Lily is not a cat, as I think I said. so that's alright.

Anyway, it turns out she's in…


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Chess and Coffee

I got up to prepare the Lotus Dragon for the Open House the other morning. Honestly, I'm beginning to dread getting up. I went downstairs and someone had delivered what looks like an interplanetary size container load of Blue Sun coffee right outside our door.

I think it must be fore the people who're working so hard to rebuild the enclave. We even had a gypsy caravan turn up for a bit. It took me right back to when I was little when I gypsy caravan used to come to our village…


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A rude awakening

I woke with a start, in some confusion as to why I'd woken, then pulled on a silk gown, and went downstairs. The door had blown open and there was a huge pile of sand along the wall, which is going to have to be dealt with.

But the door - well, apart from the fact except during sandstorms but we get plenty of warning of those - wouldn't have just blown open and let sand in. It's recalcitrant at the best of times.

Then I went and looked outside.

And I knew what had…


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New Years Resolutions

Well, that was.


Hella and I prepared the Lotus Dragon for the first Open House of the year and discovered when we were setting out that not all of the food had been put away properly since last time. But it looked OK, and it's so incredibly difficult to get hold of stuff at short notice - which reminds me I need to clear things away as soon as I have written this.…


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The expected and the unexpected

This month we had a really spectacular lecture from Gijs on the history of the alliance - well, the models of the solar system and the new planets of the 'Verse were spectacular, and it must have taken Gijs an awful long time to prepare those. The actual history was sad and sordid, and does not show humanity in a good light.

The next day, Hella was registered as a full Companion, and given her Companion name, Jié Kǒu, which means 'clever of speech', which she is, very. And in Guild…


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Lessons? Again?

When we went to Jane's dance at Al Raqis, she'd managed to book the fireworks man. Seriously, I think his name is "Tom the fireworks man"! I've seen one of his fireworks displays before and they are so beautiful they reduce me to tears every time (well, two of two so far, it's near enough to always). I wish I'd had the presence of mind to take pictures, but, well. I hope someone did though.

We have an auction of art twice a year now, with works contributed by the more artistic guild…


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Return to Al Raqis

So, Jane's coffee morning on Al Raqis (or Alraqis or Alraxes or - the spelling seems to be a matter of taste to the residents)..

I've been to Al Raqis once or twice before - with Mirika before I'd discovered (or been discovered by) the Guild, and when Citty had a small salon there. It was very hot and I used to go moonbathing at night. It's like sunbathing for people of delicate skin, and it's not quite so hot. And also, as you do it at night time, nobody can see what you are…


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Coffee, tea and cakes. And dreams.

A lot of stuff has been going on recently and I haven't been paying my diary proper attention.

Jane organised a horse race and picnic at Spinwheel City. There was quite an interesting variation in the types of horses . Clytemnestra turned up on a cartshire horse called Agamemnon, which I hope was some rather subtle joke, although in this place you can never be quite sure. Mondo had…


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Gorillas, large and huge. And other hidden monkeys.

Well, I've started the ball rolling with the the open house tea sessions at Dragon's Egg. That is to say, Hella has produced a beautiful poster and I've persuaded Cody to make an announcement on the local news.

And I do hope that nothing happens to Lily's son between now and then. He seems to have stowed away on a ship for Arakis and when Lily got back to find out about this she was incensed, to put it mildly. I didn't really understand much of Hella's description of what…


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Who's the alien?

Well, fortunately, the three different appointments at once appears to have been a manifestation of the sainted Murphy, and ended up as two things - firstly, helping the professor with his researches, and then Grail's housewarming.

I am not sure things went terribly well with the first. There is this huge glowing rock on Fire Island, which colours everything with a truly horrible pinky purple glow. And I seem to be the only person who thinks it's horrible. Maybe it's because…


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What is it under the sea?

Another term has ended, and we had the grading party, to which, to my shame I arrived after everyone had been graded. Some days just don't work how you plan them. Although, I'm wondering if I should do that more often. Because on the boat race, I got taken round by this really nice guy, who said he's a friend of Jane's, but anyway we didn't run aground, which was a nice change from last time. Though we did somehow - well, let's just say that I looked like the…


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Dear diary. I do still love you.

I've not written a bit, partly because I've been feeling lazy, and stuff. So there's a few things to write about. Two Wo Men Dakais, and a parachuting lesson mainly.

So I shall start with some recent happenings in Dragon's Egg. I got talking to Cody who is a sort of general doing things person there, and mentioned we'd had a slight accident with the fish supply, due to a decimal point having slipped a bit. And he "found" a flash freezer which - well, I'm not sure of the…


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Dragon's Egg Party



I am so grateful to Hella. She did all the hard work for getting "The Signal" on Dragon's Egg decorated, despite some last minute problems. Me, I just did my butterfly thing, and got far too much credit, though it was so sweet of one of the guests to send me a note afterwards saying thank you. It made my chewed and bitten nails feel worthwhile.

You see a couple of weeks before the party, there had been a what Lily I'm pretty sure…


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Dragon's Egg

So, I've been on Dragon's Egg a fair bit recently. Finding my way round.

The place is settled by people who fled Hale's Moon when it exploded. Sadly, although there was enough notice for most people to escape, not everyone made it. The ruins of the moon are still there, an mess of asteroids and a large black shape where the centre of the moon used to be.

How to describe the people on the planet? Well, the ones I've met anyway, for more than a passing…


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The morning after

No, seriously, it's not really that bad. Really.

Since I became a Registered Companion, there've been a few interesting events, which I - well, I didn't write about because I was feeling unsure, and stressing about my Dakai.

So I will now.

We had the fire ceremony at the start of term. My first as a full Companion. The termly ceremonies though - they're a part of my life now. And I wouldn't miss them for worlds. And, well, one different thing - I've…


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