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Oh Such A Day! 06-18-16

Finally coming down from a long and fruitful day

I have known for awhile that crossing the hurdle of the first class

Was a personal milestone

Because I struggled with it so

What I did not know was that all the things I did to prepare

extra yoga

a two mile walk

Sending Reiki to the class room for the last week

To be there waiting

Would boost my energy and leave me manic afterwards

and then of course the things I did not do

But that others did to support me

I felt that holding me along with my own efforts

and truly this was a wonderful experience

from my assistant to my Companion and patrons

and members there, including my Big Sister

underneath the nerves there was wonder

I wanted to do the same for my sister

as she taught her first one today as well

and it was also excellent

This web we are creating is a thing of great beauty

and resilience

to me it is a microcosmic model of the world I want to live in

We support each other and we each grow in strength and love

Which we then can give to those who come to us and

to each other

it is reciprocal and incremental

and oh it is such a delight to be a part of it

It so exceeds what I thought it was going to be like

but not what my heart and spirit knew it was going to be like

Thank you all

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