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Lysana McMillan commented on Aqua Aura Firecaster's blog post Inviolate 07-03-15
"Good for you, my sister. Sorry to hear you crashed and burned, but you clearly did the right things to get back on track. Peace and happiness to you."
7 hours ago
Aqua Aura Firecaster posted a blog post

Inviolate 07-03-15

Inviolate 07-03-15Saturn be praised for bringingThose hard necessary lessonsWhen the wax in my ears has builtTo the point where I cannot hear my second mindThe walls came crashing downFor six months ignoring that I was overtaxing my brainand my senseSlipping into addictive patterns (though not the usual ones)Ignoring the signals of my bodyand a nervous system so sensitive to nuancesOverriding all of this through a compulsionTo do what I wanted to doLike a child stuffing itself with candyto the…See More
14 hours ago
Lysana McMillan posted a video

Echosmith - Bright [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Bright By Echosmith Support this song by leaving a comment, a thumbs up, or sharing it with your friends. Echosmith's new album, Talking Dreams, is available...
Aqua Aura Firecaster commented on Lysana McMillan's blog post Growing pains
"Kudos to you for having the courage to see what is painful to see and to do what was the best thing for you within those circumstances.  I am proud to call you sister!"
Beeflin Grut commented on Lysana McMillan's blog post Growing pains
"Amazing to realise you'd both been abused by the relationship, so hopefully ending it will help you both."
Varahi Lusch commented on Lysana McMillan's blog post Growing pains
"Hugs Lysana, we are so often victims of our own habits. As someone who also has a tendency to 'relegate my needs to second-class status' I rejoice in your realisation and wish you luck with your many transitions to becoming who you will be!"
Lysana McMillan posted a blog post

Growing pains

Yep, one week in and I can report growing pains. A relationship I had been maintaining for the last two years in SL became a former relationship this week, and what I've experienced so far with the Guild contributed to that. We didn't break up because of the Guild per se. I applied mindfulness to an odd reaction I was having with another lover and saw clearly what had been gnawing at me. I'd stopped loving him months ago.In a fit of ironic timing, Zen's class on Love Without Attachments the…See More
Varahi Lusch commented on Lysana McMillan's blog post Early thoughts
"Thank you for posting your early thoughts Lysana :) Blogging through training is something worth doing and leaves a trail for others to follow ^^ "
Jun 29
Lysana McMillan posted a blog post

Early thoughts

So much in my head in so short a time. Reading notecards as if they are a novel I can't put down. Seeing so many things that sing to me. And yet...One notecard spoke of the inner Aphrodite. I seem to have an inner Freyja instead. She is Love to be sure. She also has her warrior aspect. The ones who stay behind to fight for the ones who cannot are Hers. She also chooses from those slain on the battlefield to join Her in Folkvangr (Odin's takings go to Valhalla, and He gets the ones She leaves…See More
Jun 26
Beeflin Grut left a comment for Lysana McMillan
Jun 26
Lysana McMillan is now a member of The Firefly Companion's Guild
Jun 26
Varahi Lusch commented on Varahi Lusch's status
"We all have obstructions, let us breath through them and, without labelling, use them as an opportunity for new and inconceivable growth."
Jun 25
Varahi Lusch posted a status
Jun 25
Aqua Aura Firecaster posted a blog post

It Gets Stirred 06-22-15

It Gets Stirred 06/22/15 Seasons shiftThe wheel turnsThat which was fixed and immobileBreaks into thunderous and sudden movementThat which was stuck gets unstuck The joy of being with a loverLeaves tears at their partingA part of living devoted to workSuddenly ceasesFriendships shift and groan with stressesBut resolve in better understanding Passions quickenAnd dissolve in the climaxOne rides the crest of the waveTo be dropped upon a foreign shoreThe ecstasy of the lightReveals pieces of…See More
Jun 24
Beeflin Grut replied to Varahi Lusch's discussion How is your training going?
"Don't worry Ana. We're here for the long haul and will remember your Wo Men Dakai for a long time! Come in when you're free :-)"
Jun 24
Anastasio Luminos replied to Varahi Lusch's discussion How is your training going?
"So far, I've been feeling a little disconnected. I've sorta been dealing with some RL thngs, and haven't been able to be in SL as much as I'd like."
Jun 23



How is your training going? 21 Replies

Lumps and bumps? Smooth transition? How has this term been for our acolytes and Companions?

Started by Varahi Lusch. Last reply by Beeflin Grut Jun 24.

Interesting Links 73 Replies

Found an interesting website concerning Companion style topics? Meditation, virtual world dynamics, Firefly websites, art of love? Lets share them here :)

Tags: community, internet, networking, websites

Started by Varahi Lusch. Last reply by Beeflin Grut Jun 16.

Translating Sister to Chinese 3 Replies

I was looking at Google Translate today, and was told the translation for sister is meimei. Isn't that the same as little sister? I realize there's limits to online translation, which is why I…Continue

Started by Anastasio Luminos. Last reply by Varahi Lusch Feb 9.

Library books.... 14 Replies

We are establishing a new library on Dakini Land, in the acolyte 'halls'. Information or study.. to give future learners the benefit of our Guild experience..Give you suggestions to the Priestess…Continue

Started by Varahi Lusch. Last reply by Anastasio Luminos Nov 6, 2013.





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