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Varahi Lusch posted a status
"Huggles for everyone!"
Aqua Aura Firecaster posted a blog post

The Need to be Fluid 07-25-15

The Need to be Fluid 07-25-15I watch the dust settle and reflecton what is left after things shake outOn how extremes in stress can be receivedand that the damages show where tools need to be honed and usedMore oftenThe last moon has carried changes powerful tobring out the Shadow and bring out the Strength and LoveIn their dance together sometimes one was on top and then the otherBut it was the intensity that brought me tumbling downIt built until one day, walking for my sanity I…See More
Aqua Aura Firecaster posted a status
"feeling very peaceful and grateful for this community and its teachers"
Lysana McMillan posted a blog post

Moments and musings

Gege Joe and I both experienced what I dubbed a charisma spike shortly after our respective fourth Encounters. Or during in my case; while at Frank's Place for dancing, someone IMed me out of the crowd there and even used the "come here often" line. He presaged a small deluge of attention which happened whether I was out by myself or not. This appears to be fading with time.Without getting into long detail, I am left wondering if escort services are as prone to attempt to poach workers as clubs…See More
Aqua Aura Firecaster posted a blog post

Breaking Open 07-11-15

Breaking Open 07-11-15She came like a tornado to an open plainlike an avalanche tearing down a mountainor a Tsunami making its wall of waterI received Her as I always dototally and absolutely winging it**********************************I am breaking you openYou and your lover bothWhen you are fully broken openYou will be of more use to Meand you will be happier with each otherIt will be easier for you if you surrender completelyBut surrender or not this process will continueEasily or with…See More
Jul 20
Lysana McMillan commented on Lysana McMillan's blog post Ritual Afterthoughts
"Ahhh, this explains a few things I'd wondered about. And I'm so glad it went well for you."
Jul 12
Varahi Lusch commented on Lysana McMillan's blog post Ritual Afterthoughts
"You set us all off on what became a marvellous sharing of energies - I find that when I am with a larger group of people the feeling expressed by others who are 'not in direct contact' with me sort of just wash over me - along with a lot…"
Jul 12
Lysana McMillan posted a blog post

Ritual Afterthoughts

That was soul-baring. So not used to my deeper intimacies being exposed to a wider audience. How thankful I am once again for the love and support of the Guild. Would've been impossible for me to do that in a less supportive space.And in saying that, it strikes me that I have no problem with sex in a wider-access frame. The soul-baring wasn't the sex. It was the love that I know was communicated. It's not as if I haven't had sex with someone I love at that ritual before, either.*thinks*Oh, of…See More
Jul 12
Aqua Aura Firecaster posted a blog post

You Reach Me 07-11-15

You Reach Me 07-11-15Broken, fragmented, stressedAware at the same time that working changes within meIs my Beloved's arena and Her expertise is exquisitePart of me stands back and rests in this knowledgeEven though I am overtaxed by life and its demandstoo much work too much conflict and too little timeTo backup and regroupLast night I followed the current best I couldand it took me to watching a singing competitionwhere encoded were the breadcrumbs for getting down deepInto the heartletting…See More
Jul 12
Aqua Aura Firecaster commented on Lysana McMillan's video

Echosmith - Bright [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

"I have been enjoying this song for a week or so now, and had no idea who sang it.  Thanks for the share - puts a smile on my face every time."
Jul 11
Aqua Aura Firecaster updated their profile
Jul 11
Lysana McMillan commented on Lysana McMillan's photo

Post-Class Sake Chat

"*giggles* We spent so much time chatting the barrel was mostly full when the party broke up. And most of us didn't have far to go anyway."
Jul 10
Lysana McMillan posted a blog post


It took me close to 20 years to realize I'd fallen out of love with a career path and close to 2 years to realize I'd fallen out of love with a person. Instead of kicking myself for taking so long, I should take comfort in the fact I've improved by a factor of 10. Then I should keep working on this self-knowledge thing I keep hearing so much about.The classes so far have been good to amazing for me. But I mustn't limit my learning to class time. Interactions with my brothers and sisters, not to…See More
Jul 10
Beeflin Grut commented on Lysana McMillan's photo

Post-Class Sake Chat

"Wow, a whole barrel! Did you get home OK?"
Jul 10
Lysana McMillan posted a photo

Post-Class Sake Chat

The ladies of the first installment of the Boai Honglian Dance School sit and chat over sake.
Jul 9
Medi Madrigal posted a status
"I got the blue screen of death and my computer is not working. On a laptop until I get a new hard drive (next week). *le sigh*"
Jul 9



How is your training going? 21 Replies

Lumps and bumps? Smooth transition? How has this term been for our acolytes and Companions?

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Interesting Links 73 Replies

Found an interesting website concerning Companion style topics? Meditation, virtual world dynamics, Firefly websites, art of love? Lets share them here :)

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Translating Sister to Chinese 3 Replies

I was looking at Google Translate today, and was told the translation for sister is meimei. Isn't that the same as little sister? I realize there's limits to online translation, which is why I…Continue

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Library books.... 14 Replies

We are establishing a new library on Dakini Land, in the acolyte 'halls'. Information or study.. to give future learners the benefit of our Guild experience..Give you suggestions to the Priestess…Continue

Started by Varahi Lusch. Last reply by Anastasio Luminos Nov 6, 2013.





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