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Found an interesting website concerning Companion style topics? Meditation, virtual world dynamics, Firefly websites, art of love? Lets share them here :)

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this was a great read.  thank you for the share.

Being super excited about my new name, I investigated and found this cool site for creating a Chinese seal (chop) graphic from any Chinese name, with a variety of style choices:

Here's my seal:

Thanks Flynt!

I saw this (the song from the season 1 finale of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse) and thought of Jichiren Companion House:

Thank you for posting this!

My pleasure!

The song was written for that episode of Dollhouse, but deliberately made a bit vague so it could be heard as just some pop song used in the soundtrack.

Fascinating stuff. If only we had these well-settled descriptions there would be less muddle with men thinking they have to go all the way to being women and vice versa, and transsexuals feeling they have to choose.

Citlalmina Serrano said:

If anyone is interested in the technical aspects of meditation, this has some very interesting recent science to look over. One big takeaway that's intriguing is that they believe meditation changes your breathing patterns in the long term which in turn reduces chronic stress.

It is interesting information, but I feel sorry for the injury done to mice, and sorry for those mice who were deliberately created disabled.

I agree -- should I delete the link?

Just expressing a feeling :-)

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