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Wow, so much has happened since arriving on Yavin IV and joining the Kalway Order of Jedi as a padawan. My Master, Master Kinsa, has already started me training on the trials, and we visited Naboo and Tattoine. Naboo was more of a vacation, and Theed is such a beautiful city. On Tattoine at Mos Espa I was introduced to a Hutt named Gor'gon while we were getting some information. Top Secret stuff there.Don't get me wrong, training is very strenuous, and it isn't all about vacations, or fancy meetings. I did my first flight in a star fighter last week too.  Tip, be careful climbing the steps in the Old Jedi Temple, very steep they are, and can get tricking coming down, even for one who is strong with the force. So far learning to trust in the Force and Balance with the Force has been the toughest challenge.

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