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((Transcripted from a message dictated in sign language from Priestess Grail, who continues in her oath of silence))

Thank you to all my brothers and sisters, who continue to support me as I venture deeply in silence, to reflect on the spiritual mission of the Guild.

Please know that my attention and love are ever at your service, though my sign language is improving only slowly. I ask that you continue to seek me out with your questions, your joys, your interests, your passions. I love you all.

You will find me most frequently in attendance to our Beloved High Priestess Varahi, observing joyfully the events at Ocotillo, or on our homestead at Toffani. It is my pleasure and privilege to be wherever the dakini calls me.

"Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasemgate Bodhi-svaha!"

 In love and service to our Guild,

Ren Yan, RC,
Companion Priestess of the Boai Honglian Companions' Guild
((Sangreal Arnica))

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Comment by Lysana McMillan on September 20, 2015 at 9:27am

All love and respect to you in this time, dear jiejie.


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