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High Priestess Space Tour, Autumn 2015 Day 1 (part 1)

Waiting for shuttle to arrive.....It was a sunny day on Paquin at the Spirit Bath House where we awaited the shuttle to take us on a week long tour through space. We had our bags packed and were ready to face whatever can come out of a journey during which we would visit miriad planets with a exceedingly different atmosphere on each. How can we not discover ourselves without measuring ourselves against the differences and similarity we find in others and their culture - what an opportunity!

The shuttle journey was smoothly driven by Companion Mei Shi Er and the timing brought us to dock at a time when the expensive ship hired for the purpose of our tour was fired up and ready to go. I took the liberty as High Priestess to spare little expense and get a ship that responds to coordinates - something more manageable for someone who spends most of her time teaching emotional and sensual subjects rather than the technicalities of space travel ^^

A good few hours later (plenty of time for us to get settled on the ship and find places for our things) I received notification from the ship that we were almost in orbit above Cheshyr's Landing. Gathering things we would need for our visit to this planet (which wasnt too difficult.. it is a earth-like planet) we landed in anticipation of our booking for Cheshyr's Landing's famous year-round Cherry Blossom Hanami!

We were met by some others who had come to Cheshyr's Landing Mall to refit their spaceships and take on supplies - seeing as the picnic basket supplied as part of our booking was plenty full we invited them to join us! Much was talked about - including the upcoming term, introducing old friends to each other, Open Houses and the marvellous Silent Retreat our Priestess Ren Yan has just embarked upon.

((more pictures to follow...))

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