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An outreach project of Xiaojie Companion House (though we are open to having Feminist Shrines throughout Second Life where they would be requested and helpful).. the Feminist Shrine has been established for about 6 months now. We have been celebrating some amazing women and their contributions to Second Life!

The current lady being celebrated is Strawberry Singh; a blogger, media activist, SL fashion enthusiast and teacher. Her relationship with Second Life is continually evolving and we are enjoying celebrating the happy communication of her discoveries, and confidence in being herself!

The Feminist Shrine will be launching it's events aspect on the 19th April at 4pm SLT (Pacific Time) to celebrate an event in 1850 in Salem OH. DJ Lysana McMillan will be hosting a dance event open to all as we remember the Women's Rights Convention where women's voices were given due space to be heard by ensuring men could attend but not be speakers. A real step forward for Feminism!

Come join us in a Virtual Reality which is free for anyone - contact for this event and other enquiries is Lysana McMillan in Second Life

Why a Feminist Shrine?

To promote women's voices in the world we need to take a number of varying steps.. one way is to start celebrating real women who live and breathe in our communities RIGHT NOW. It's not always easy in a competitive world, where we may not have had the chance to develop great relationships with the women closest to us... but celebrating someone else truly is the first step towards being able to celebrate ourselves. The Feminist Shrine enables us to focus our support for women and grow in the strength and confidence we need to be proud of what WE love and enjoy!

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