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As I know that it is of great benefit to others to hear about the journey of one's particular self I have decided to apply myself, between my other duties, to writing a High Priestess's blog. It will mostly be IC and I will try to write one a month. I hope others will be encouraged to give it a try who have not as yet :)

It had been a good two years or so since we left Dakini Land, an island of Paquin which we had moved to from Sihnon a long time ago. We had been given special permission, for a time, to set up a home for our Companions and acolytes by the Mayor of Spinwheel City. It was a marvellous place to live with lots of hideaways and places to invite weary travellers of the Black to take some shoreleave. Eventually though we had to leave - BEFORE it got 'used up'. Our community had outgrown the space and it was time to return it to its designated function as a nature reserve.

We lit our torches... one for each of our Companion Houses currently dispersed in the 'Verse and lit fires at every one - carrying the warmth of the Dakini fire out into the Black. Then we packed our bags and left...

Life as a High Priestess has been quite hectic since then. The training of Phoenix acolytes continued... applications for Companions time coming in wave over wave on my private channel... setting down on different planets and always relying on other people's hospitality. Visiting each Companion House in person to ensure each one was settling down well and adjusting to any complications meant spending a lot of time in Deep Space - very different to the time I had got used to. Our reach however continued to grow through these efforts, and new and interesting people were woven into our tale.

On route from the end of term Grading Day at Iqisray Khait Companion House to Solaris Station an interesting message came in that initiated in my pilot a 'gentle' flap. For Priestess Chi Luo, an Orion who joined us to train quite sometime after we had left Dakini Land, the place was little more than a myth.. and here was a cordial invitation to visit...? Aleeri (her given name before completing training) came to us from a Starfleet background and before communicating directly with me searched the databases without success for accurate coordinates and/or evidence of 'Dakini Land'. Truly the island had been recovered completely by the Flora and Fauna who had owned it far longer than we ever did.. 

The invitation was accepted.. coordinates recovered and decodified.. Extropian scientists employed for our trip..

What would greet us when we landed?

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Comment by Aqua Aura Firecaster on September 20, 2016 at 2:54pm

I am so thrilled to be able to see and walk on and explore Dakini Land.  From the first time that I was introduced to the Companion's Guild it was a mythic paradise in my imagination.  Now it is a reality. :)

Comment by Flynt Firebrand on September 25, 2016 at 5:04am

I remembered Dakini land from the first time I met the Guild. When I came back from the black, I searched for it fruitlessly, and I was heartbroken thinking the land and the Guild were both forever lost.I'm glad I was wrong on both counts. 


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